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Our Vision

  1. To come up as centre of excellence in, the field of Education by adopting Modern techniques and training.
  2. To promote academic excellence, discipline, personal character, high sense of ethical and moral values and spirit of national integration among the students,
  3. To establish, take over, organize, promote or run educational institutions, schools, Colleges, Professional institutions, Academics, Laboratories, Libraries.
  4. Imbibe right attitudes, values, i and ideologies in our pupils and to render selfless service to the community.

Our Mission

Institution enables the prospective teachers to become effective secondary school teachers with enviable communication skills and use of modern technology for school purposes.

Our Motto

As educationists, our service to the Society is to provide quality education, an essential need of one and all. For us, teaching is not only a profession, but also a passion. In the years to come, we hope to ‘reach the unreached’, ‘include the excluded’ and give the ‘best to the last’ focusing on mass.

    Core Values

At our institute we have a unique mix of values aimed at attainment of the highest standards of excellence along with commitment to society. We hold dear:

  • Honest, integrity and Respect.
  • Diversity in ideas, people or places.
  • A burning desire to question the obvious.
  • Free and open exchange of ideas.
  • Calculated risk taking that leads to innovation.
  • Commitment to scientific rigor, academic excellence, and entrepreneurship.
  • Dedication to applying knowledge to practical Scenarios.
  • Sensitizing the teacher and students towards social realities.
  • Empowering the students and staff with creative mind and professional skills so as to excel as a group in future.
  • Striving for quality in all endeavors of teaching - learning process.

Our Objectives

  • To maintain standards of excellence in education
  • To mould the student-teachers with intellectual excellence and spiritual values
  • To prepare student-teacher as efficient and effective teachers by nurturing in them a comprehensive knowledge through the conduct of curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • To enable the student-teachers with knowledge and values which are productive and effective.
  • To develop personality of the student-teachers by inculcating in them good convictions, sound principles and high ethical values needed in their profession.
  • To endure holistic development of the student-teachers
  • To render selfless service to society.