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Scheme & Syllabi B.Ed SS

B.Ed. Shiksha Shashtri (One Year course)


A)        Theoritical Paper                                  700 Marks
B)        Practical teaching Practice                    300 Marks
C)        Session activities                                  100 Marks

Theoretical Paper-

Question Paper Subject Marks
First Paper Education in emerging in Indian society 100
Second Paper Education Psychology 100
Third Paper Education technology and action researcher 100
Fourth Paper Teaching of Sanskrit 100
Fifth Paper i) Shastra Shishan (optional)
Sahitiya , Jyotish,  Darshan , Vaykarn, ved  and karam Kand
  ii)         Modern teaching subject (optional)
Hindi, Social Science, Maths, English, Economics,
Six Paper i)          Education Measurement and evaluation 50
  ii)         Education Management 50
Seventh paper i)          Current Problems in education 50

ii)         Following Optional

  • Population education
  • Adult and countinous education
  •  Educational and vocational guidance
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Education

Practical teaching Practice (Sanskrit and other subject)

External 100+100   200
Internal evaluation   100
Seasonal activities i)          Compulsory 80
  ii)         Optional 20