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Advancements in Technology is opened many doors in Education. The use of Computers can be a very effective way of learning from hands on experience. The College has a well furnished ICT Lab with all latest 85 Computers, which caters to the needs Our students. The Computer Lab also having projector and internet facility to train the students comprehensively in all the modern technologies which will help them to be a good teacher. OHP and Epidiascope,LCD, Television, VCR, geometrical figures, models, charts, maps, transparencies etc. of standard quality.Teachers make use of various aids for the teaching purpose & giving demonstration lessons to make the learning of various topics interesting and effective.

. Various services offered are listed below:

  • Compulsory practical classes for all in batches
  • ICT enabled teaching practice
  • ICT enabled lectures and seminars etc.
  • Research facility using internet
  • Practical classes as requirement of Paper V A
  • Computer Craft