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Parents Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA (Parents Teacher Association) is a grass roots organization that brings parents and teachers together so they can work improving the lives and education of students.
The parents Teacher Association is playing a pivotal role in the efficient functioning of the college machinery. It is the prop and support of all endeavors and establishes a positive and constructive link between all the stake holders. Under PTA’s patronage and whole hearted co-operation all development within the academic and non- academic area take place. The PTA Executive Council meets at regular intervals and the annual general body meets and ‘Open-houses’ (held by each department) offer venues of sharing and interaction. Positive and negative feedbacks are openly discussed for timely improvement and correction.


  • To bridge communication gap between parents and Teachers.
  • To provide a forum for collaborative effort of parents, teachers & students towards quality teacher education.
  • To make assessment of teacher training programmers in order to make it effective and relevant.
  • To invite the perspective of parents & teacher trainees about the functioning of institution.
  • To identify the strengths and limitations of the existing teacher training programme.
  • To invite the views of parents about the quality of existing teacher training programme.
  • To acquaint the parents about various programme taken by college for professional development of teacher trainees.
  • To draw out the best in the teacher trainees with the collaborative efforts of parents & teacher educators.

Parents Teacher Association is being formed at the college level comprising the following faculty members





Dr Sharmica Yadav



Mrs Pinki



Mrs Sonia



Mr Bhubnesh Bhardwaj